Laboratory Supplies
A complete selection of hard to find laboratory tools and supplies for school, shop or home use.

A complete selection of brushes for cleaning laboratory glassware.
 bunsen burner Burners
Bunsen burners, alcohol burners, butane micro burners.
 lab cart Carts
Rolling carts perfect for laboratory, school or shop use.
Support clamps and tubing clamps.
Funnels in stainless steel, glass and plastic for all you laboratory needs
Heating Mantle
1000ml 120v Heating Mantle for distillation and boiling applications.
 magnetic stirrer Magnetic Stirrers
Simultaneous stir and heat, 500 or 800ml size models.
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 mortar and pestle Mortars and Pestles
A wide range of sizes available in Glass and Porcelain.  Agate too!
Funnels, Spot Plates, Crucibles, Evaporating Dishes and Mortar & Pestles.
Test Tube and Glassware racks.
 hot hand protector Safety Supplies
A wide selection of gloves, goggles and aprons.
 burette clamp Support Clamps
Clamps for nearly any laboratory application.
Support Stands
Support stands, support rings, tripod stands and laboratory jacks.
Tongs & Scoops
Tongs & Scoops for handling laboratory glassware and chemicals.
Rubber and Glass tubing for laboratory or classroom use.
Rubber Stoppers
Rubber stoppers to fit Test Tubes, Erlenmeyer Flasks and Boiling Flasks. In solid, 1-hole or 2-hole.