Apparatus for essential oil extraction, water purification, biofuel testing, as well as a full line of tubing, condensers and other accessories. 


themometer Distillation Accessories
Tubing, adapters, temperature assemblies, hydrometers and condensers
retort Retorts
Developed by alchemists before the invention of modern coil-type condensers, retorts perform simple distillation procedures.  Made of borosilicate glass, in 250 and 500ml. 
steam distillation Steam Distillation
Used for the extraction of essential oils from plants. 
still Simple Distillation
A two-part glass apparatus consisting of a boiling chamber and water-cooled coil condenser.  Buy just the glassware or complete set with stand and clamps, from 500 to 2000ml. 
vacuum distillation apparatus Vacuum Distillation
For reduced boiling temperature, a vacuum can be used to preserve fragile compounds from decomposing at higher temperatures.